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Producer and sound designer

Smart Audio


Composing, arranging and producing soundtracks and sound FX for movies, TV ads, radio and games.

Portability and Efficiency

No matter the place, facility for producing music from mobile technology resources speeds the process up.

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Versatility and practicity

Communicating ideas through music, using digital media, is the most practical and effective tool nowadays.



Producer and sound designer with over 150 tracks produced for advertisement and TV shows. A strong background in music for artists and media, with placements in several ads and TV shows. 


I've been creating music for advertising, TV shows and artists for over 15 years. Some recent productions includes the score and sound design for the two seasons of Crisálida, the first bilingual fiction series produced in Brazil with both Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) and Portuguese, placed on Netflix Brazil and Portugal; the song "Amanhã" by Kariel, placed on Music Box Brazil TV channel; and a bunch of artists that have been sharing their music around the world.

*Nominated for Best Music Producer for TV Shows by Music Professional Award 2021, Brazil;

"Musical inspiration is everywhere. Travelling, composing and producing complement each other. I'm an advertiser, music producer and multi-instrumentalist. An arts and cultural diversities’ lover, who finds a way to convey sensory concepts through music!"


SEBRAE Advertisement

Advertising, TV Shows and Artists (Video)


Advertising and TV Shows (Audio)



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